18 December 2017

CBC’s Twelve Days of Christmas literary quiz

by Anna Davis Events

Welcome to Curtis Brown Creative’s Grand Twelve Days of Christmas literary quiz! If you show yourself to be sufficiently bookish you might win a free place on a six-week online novel-writing course (worth £200) – either for yourself or for the writer in your life.

On each of the twelve days of Christmas we’ve been posting a literary question relating to the well-known Yuletide song The Twelve Days of Christmas. Here they are in full:

On the twelfth day of Christmas …

Q 1:  Name the author of a classic dictionary of English slang

Q2:  Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman starred in the film of this New Yorker’s best known novel. Name the author and her two other books which link to the second day of Christmas.

Q3:  Which former Professor of Creative Writing at Bath Spa University wrote a novel which ties in to the third day of Christmas, and what’s the book? (Hint: This author also wrote books about the Founder of the Shakers and the judge in the Salem witch trials).

Q4: Which Curtis Brown client wrote the short story that inspired the Alfred Hitchcock film tying in to the fourth day of Christmas? And which other Curtis Brown client wrote the film script?

Q5: Which precious book ties in to the fifth day of Christmas, and who wrote it?

Q6: The sixth day of Christmas references a popular Christmas dish: The debut novel by one of our CBC alumni mentions the person you might obtain it from – name the author and novel

Q7: Which novel by an internationally acclaimed and best-selling author who has appeared as a visiting speaker at a CBC course links to the seventh day of Christmas?

Q8: What are the two names of the central character in a major, award-winning TV drama of 2017, based on a novel by an eminent Curtis Brown client?

Q9: Which Scottish author of detective fiction set his break-through novel in sunnier climes and what is its title, linking to the ninth day of Christmas?

Q10: Which peer is a regular visitor to the Curtis Brown Creative London-based novel-writing courses?

Q11: How many pipes did Sherlock Holmes need to smoke to solve a problem?

Q12: An esteemed Curtis Brown author sold out the Festival Hall this year. Their tenth novel ties in to the twelfth day of Christmas – name author and novel.


How to play … 

Now we’ve reached twelfth night, it’s time to send us your answers to all twelve questions in one email to cbccourses@curtisbrown.co.uk (putting ‘Quiz’ in your subject line, and including your full name). Make sure you’ve joined our mailing list too to be eligible to win (see below). We’ll announce the answers and the winner on Monday 8th January!

Who can play …

This competition is open to anyone over the age of 18, and you need to join our mailing list (go to the foot of our website homepage to do this). People on our mailing list receive our weekly newsletters with articles, course information and special offers – we won’t share your details with third parties.

How we’ll select the winner …

All of the entries with twelve correct answers will be put into a hat and we’ll draw out one name at random. The winner will be announced on this blog on 8 January, when we’ll also be posting up the answers in full.

The prize …

The winner will be offered a place on one of our three six-week online novel-writing courses running in 2018 – choosing from Starting to Write Your Novel, Write to the End of Your Novel or Edit & Pitch Your Novel. The next courses start in January, but there will be further courses as the year continues (details to be posted soon). You can take a course with us yourself or gift it to the writer in your life.

Oh yes – If you’ve already bought a place on one of the six-week courses running in 2018, you can still take part in the quiz, and you can either potentially win a place on one of the other six-week courses or you could get a reimbursement of the fee you’ve paid for the course you’ve already enrolled on.

Good luck, and happy new year!


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