19 December 2013

First book by an ex-CBC student arrives in the office

by Rufus Purdy

Look at this book proof. It’s a thing of beauty. Not only is Barbarians by Tim Glencross a fabulous read (though you’ll have to wait till its publication date in May 2014 to find that out for yourselves), it is the first published novel from a former Curtis Brown Creative student. Others will follow in 2014-15 from alumni Jessie Burton, Catherine Chanter, Kate Hamer, Antonia Honeywell, SD Sykes and Jake Woodhouse (as well as books by two other ex-students, which we’ll be announcing shortly), but this is the first one we can actually hold in our hands. Both Tim’s Curtis Brown agent Karolina Sutton and we at Curtis Brown Creative – as well as Tim’s publishers at John Murray – are beyond excited. That is all.

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