06 August 2013

Interview with CBC’s Anna Davis

Interview with Anna Davis
by Rufus Purdy Course News

We’re a writing school, not a film studio. And we’re good at putting on creative writing courses rather than cueing up visually arresting camera angles. That said, however, we’re rather pleased with this – our first attempt at film-making. And though Stephen Spielberg doesn’t have much to worry about, we’re not sure he’d be able to talk as eloquently on the process of getting novels ready for publication as Curtis Brown Creative director Anna Davis does here. So swings and roundabouts.

Watch our short film here. And if you’re inspired by what Anna has to say, then can we remind you that both our Three-Month Novel-Writing Course and our first Online Novel-Writing Course are currently open for applications.

As well as expert teaching from published authors, all our novel-writing courses offer dedicated modules on submitting your novel to literary agents – and include sessions on writing a synopsis and preparing a covering letter. Click for more information or to apply for our creative writing courses.

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