06 April 2016

Download ‘Little Judas’ – a story from The Book of Unwritten Rules for free

by Rufus Purdy From Our Students

We’re making a brilliant short story from The Book of Unwritten Rules – the anthology by students from our 2011 creative writing courses – available to you for absolutely nothing. Simply click on the link at the end of this blog piece to download a pdf file of Lisa Berry’s masterful tale of misunderstanding, then email it to your tablet, phone or e-reader to enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee (which, unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide).

‘Dad used to have hair. I know because I saw it in the wedding photos… But for as long as I could remember, he’d had no hair… Dad was just bald. Then one night he came home with new hair.’

In ‘Little Judas’, Lisa Berry takes you into the delicate world of Veronica Maloney, for whom life rolls past faster than she knows what to do with. Her mum always seems to be angry with her, though nobody will tell her what she’s done wrong; her cousin knows a huge secret but refuses to tell her what it is; and, most disturbingly of all, her dad’s gone and got himself some brand new hair, and nobody seems very pleased about it. She doesn’t understand the unwritten rules that seem to dictate what she is and isn’t allowed to know. So she says what she sees. And the last threads holding her family together begin to unravel.

To download a free pdf file of ‘Little Judas’, please click here.

To purchase a copy of The Book of Unwritten Rules, please click here.

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