21 March 2018

Michelle Kenney

Michelle Kenney, Author
by admin

‘Signing a trilogy deal for Book of Fire was a dream come true, and CBC have been a vital part of my writing journey. I got very lucky with my cohort in Autumn 2015, who turned out to be a very dedicated, supportive group, and the very best writerly friends anyone could hope for. And the Novel Writing for Children Course, led by the inspirational Catherine Johnson, left little room for hiding – trust me, I tried. The workshopping and individual sessions were fantastic for focusing on individual manuscripts and showing up weak areas, while the online format suited me perfectly as I live in Devon with young family. My key take aways were simple: keep your reader close. You can have the most amazing hook, and all the elaborate plotting skills in the world, but if you don’t consider your target audience throughout, you’ll be sailing up a literary creek without a paddle.’ Debut novel, Book of Fire was published by HarperCollins August 2017. The second book in the Book of Fire series is out Summer 2018.

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