18 March 2014

Lisa O’Donnell

Lisa O'DonnellLisa O'Donnell
by Rufus Purdy

Having returned to her native Scotland after working as a screenwriter in LA, Lisa O’Donnell sat down to write her first novel The Death of Bees, which was published by Windmill in 2012. The book, a razor-sharp black comedy about family values that follows the orphaned children of two Glasgow drug addicts as they rebuild their lives with the help of a caring neighbour, won the Commonwealth Book Prize in 2013. Her second novel, Closed Doors, is another tale of lost innocence set during the 1980s on the author’s childhood home island of Rothesay.  She is currently working on her third novel.

‘I owe Lisa such a debt of gratitude! She was so fearless and constructive with her feedback, and wasn’t afraid to tell me where I was going both right and wrong. ‘ Jane Harper, author of The Dry, Online Three-Month Novel-Writing Course, 2014

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