28 November 2013

Louise Wener

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by Rufus Purdy

Before embarking on a writing career, Louise Wener was the lead singer in Britpop band Sleeper and became an instantly recognisable poster girl for the Cool Britannia movement of the mid-1990s. Though the band recorded a platinum-selling album, The It Girl, they split in 1998 – which is when Louise bought herself a second-hand typewriter. She has since published five novels, including Goodnight Steve McQueen and Worldwide Adventures in Love. Her memoir, Just for One Day recounts her awkward 1980s childhood and subsequent rise to the dizzying heights of fame playing to hundreds of thousands of fans and living the high life of glitter, cocaine, paranoia, comically petty squabbles and warped music industry logic. Louise now lives in Brighton with her husband and children.

‘Louise was so encouraging and generous with her free time, I felt lucky to have been selected for the course’ Roohi-Saba Rais, Six-Month Novel-Writing Course, Spring 2015

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