27 November 2012

Tony Parsons

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by Anna Davis

Tony Parsons is the author of Man and Boy, winner of the Book of the Year Prize. His subsequent novels One For My Baby, Man and Wife, The Family Way, Stories We Could Tell and My Favourite Wife were all bestsellers. In 2010 Tony published Men from the Boys – the third part to the trilogy that began with Man and Boy.  More recently published are another bestseller, The Murder Bag, and, in 2015, The Slaughter Man.

Tony Parsons working life began in a Gordon’s Gin Distillery. Unfortunately for Tony he developed an acute allergy to the spirit. From these dark days his first novel, The Kids, was born and so began a literary and television career that thankfully did not affect his health!

He began as a writer with the New Musical Express in 1976 where he stayed for the next three years covering music such as The Clash, Blondie and The Sex Pistols. He went on to write for the Daily Mirror for many years, having been poached from the Daily Telegraph when Piers Morgan took over as editor. These days he write a column for the Sun on Sunday.

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